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Faraday Protocol Review

With Faraday Protocol I came for the puzzles and was not disappointed. You play an alien archaeologist researching a signal and find yourself thrown in a facility where you find a tool that helps you transfer different energy around to different machinery to unlock further and further. The figuring out of levels isn’t overly difficult but still rewarding to play and figure out. The game is very solid and smooth looking, almost sterile. I enjoyed the game for the well designed puzzles and level architecture with an attractive color palette across the levels.

I found the puzzles to be mildly challenging but not overly difficult by any means. The platforming was fairly easy to do and didn’t pose much of a challenge like others have said. I liked how you have to convert the energies to use them in various ways. This adds a level of factoring into the puzzle design and could trip you up early on. The game really lacks a tutorial and some things could use a clearer description of the start.

The level design has like futuristic Art-deco patterns which are pretty peculiar and repetitive, long corridors with the same design on all the walls is kind of meh but otherwise is cool and unique in design. The level architecture design is very awesome overall and has very thoughtful puzzles to try to figure out. I especially enjoyed the room with a building inside of it that you have to work your way up.

I think the story and theme are kind of back burner to the entire game and feel a little tacked on. Realizing that I didn’t really care, the puzzles are fun on their own without a memorable story. With similar games like Portal, story didn’t matter (until 2), it was just extra. That’s exactly how I feel about Faraday Protocol. Don’t come into the game expecting a bunch of world building or rich story lines, this game is not it.

Faraday Protocol at the core is a first-person puzzle game. The game is not overly difficult but has mild challenges at times and it kept me engaged and eager to continue solving the puzzles. The art direction was kind of weird and sometimes cool but the story was very flat and almost nonexistent. The game architecture and puzzles made for a great game despite the story, but paired up against the engaging puzzles it was nonessential and would strongly recommend this to anyone looking for a decent First-person Puzzle game.

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