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Dungeons of Dreadrock Review

A cute little puzzle dungeon crawler that works quite well with its simplistic controls and UI. From what it seems, it’s a port of a mobile game, but it’s not a problem due to the only controls being the movement keys, which also control interactions and combat. Running into an enemy attacks them, running into a door breaks it down, running over a key picks it up. Very simple controls which is easy to pick up for any gamer regardless of experience. With over 100 unique levels, it’s a great little experience for anybody trying to kill some time and tickle their brain for the price of a coffee. I’m already a huge fan of dungeon crawler style games, and adding a bit of puzzle elements to seal it all together works great for me.

The artstyle is great for its size! It’s a cute pixelated game but with tons of personality with solid voice acting and effects to supplement the experience. There are simple physics effects here and there, with small details that you learn to appreciate, such as bloody shoeprints being left behind after stepping on a corpse and moving around. Although I have to admit, the story wasn’t too fascinating, and I’d like to see something more enticing in the future.

The puzzles are well thought out, and it truly didn’t feel repetitive or stale at any point. Combining the classic elements of timing traps, bringing keys to doors, clearing out the enemies, with unique gameplay choices such as going back to previous floors to trigger certain events to affect your current level, is a fantastic addition to an already well polished title.

The controls were designed to be mobile-friendly in mind, and I don’t have a problem with that. They’re simple, responsive, and truly don’t need an explanation to get across. Translating it to a PC experience was completely fine, using just the arrow keys to move around and interact with objects meant that I was never confused with what to do, because running into something would immediately let me know if it was something I needed to pay attention to.

While I didn’t solve all of the puzzles in the game, I’m sure I’ll be revisiting this title in the future to kill some time. Overall, it was a truly fun experience, especially given the price for it. Hell I might even pick it up on the App store just to pass the time whenever I’m bored, like on a commute or just waiting around. I recommend this game for anyone looking for a quick simple brainteaser without having to immerse yourself in the experience. A great game to pick up and put down at a moment’s notice.

Check out Dungeons of Dreadrock on Steam here!

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