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Cook Serve Delicious follow-up Cook Serve Forever announced


After the story of Cook Serve Delicious escalated to the point that 3 was about driving a food truck across a war-tor USA, facing attacks from rival food trucks, Cook Serve Forever seems to be in a slightly cheerier place. It’s about a young chef who comes to the solarpunk (a green utopian vibe) city of Helianthus hoping to become a top chef like her idol. Though I do notice Boston is apparently under millitary control, so it’s not all sunshine and rooftop roses. But hey, the food looks good.

The developers, Vertigo Gaming say Forever has “hundreds of new ingredients and recipes with an all new dynamic cooking system”. Not quite sure how that works but it sounds like it could be stressful so sure, pile it on, give me even more to manage.

The campaign will be playable in local co-op, though with Steam Remote Play Together support you can cook with distant pals too.

Cook Serve Forever is coming to Steam, at least, in “early 2023”.

In celebration of Forever’s announcement, the Cook Serve Delicious games are discounted on Steam by 60-75% until 6pm on Thursday.

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