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Doors: Paradox Review

Doors: Paradox is an escape room-esque puzzle game where you’re presented with a locked door and you’re tasked to open the locked door, by finding and interacting with items around the door in order to unlock it.

As a puzzle game, Doors: Paradox is on the casual side where things begin to make sense once you’ve understood some of the nuances of the puzzles. Initially for a casual player, the language of the puzzles may seem incoherent and difficult but as the game progresses, you’ll start to see the flow or links each puzzle has.

You May Be Too Good For This

However if you’re an avid puzzle fan with some decent chunk of experience, Doors: Paradox will definitely be a walk in the park for you as every item that leads up to a smaller puzzle and in whole the main puzzle is found in the small area of interaction that is surrounding and even on top of the locked door. 

Is This a Hidden Object Game?

With each level, you will be finding bits and pieces hidden or laid out around the lock door area. Very often the bits and pieces you find will be the missing pieces to the puzzles within the level. To find these missing pieces, it’s often as easy as interacting with an item to reveal that piece or simply click on it as it lay in the section of the environment. 

It’s All Relative

From there on you will combine the pieces and start solving the puzzles for that level. The puzzles themselves vary from one another quite a bit throughout the game. At times you will see puzzles with the same or similar mechanic but not that often, which makes it interesting.

Like a Mini Cutscene

The puzzles together with the level and their theme are all wonderfully crafted. Sure the puzzles aren’t that complex but for how they combine with the main theme of the level is neat. At times you might be sitting there for a few seconds watching how solving a puzzle will “unfold” the next sequence of events, when a mechanism triggers another to reveal something such as it unlocks the door and such.

That’s Different

Each level is interestingly crafted and has their own theme to them as mentioned earlier. However they don’t feel coherent from one another in that aspect and don’t exactly make sense. The only commonality that’s obvious to them are the story bits you find in each level. But even with that, the level of ideas for the level should be commended. 

Pace Yourself

The longer you play Doors: Paradox, the more you will be accustomed to the game’s puzzle language and the more you’d risk it feeling bored. If that happens, pacing through it helps. Solving 3 to 5 puzzles after a long day just to unwind and then doing it again the next day, certainly helps. 

Final Thoughts

Doors: Paradox is very much a good escape puzzle game that is accessible to everyone. But puzzle experts may want to look elsewhere due to its difficulty being on the easier side. The varying theme and quality of Doors: Paradox is one of its strengths that won’t go unnoticed. 

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