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Acid Trip Review

It’s very obvious that Acid Trip is a passion project and I think based on the price is well worth it. The game is a top down shooter that puts you in overwhelming situations and ever moving obstacles to overcome just to survive, but you will die…a lot. The game seems like it’s still being worked on and updated and I hope that it will continue to be worked on.

The game is difficult, but that’s the point. The game’s spawns have varying degrees of speed in movement and makes for a challenging situation that you can never get quite used to. You might start hugging the walls but soon a big saw blade starts circling the room, closing in on the areas in which you can move around and grab items like ammo or shields. The game does not want you to be comfortable and the difficulty ramps up pretty quick, maybe a tad too quick and the mobs do quite a bit of damage, but you can regain health by killing mobs. There will be pits that spawn randomly that you can fall into and die as well, that I found interesting and challenging.

The game is not perfect, there is some misspellings here and there, even on the store page photos show some misspellings, but these are by far minute issues that can easily be fixed. I think some other quality of changes could be made as well. Like the ability to control other audio besides only the music. I also wished the items were dropped by the mob instead of just randomly spawning.

The game is colorful and even though it is a top down shooter and 2D, it doesn’t feel flat, and there are a lot of moving parts all the time and makes for a hectic world/room to fight in. The game keeps track of your score, so you can hope to get further on your proceeding attempts. 

I enjoy Acid Trip for a couple reasons, one it’s challenging and the game makes no hesitancy in letting you skate by or hold anyone’s hand (although it does offer multiplayer!) and it’s also a game that you can easily jump into and start playing without having to learn much if anything at all. The game would probably be easier with a controller and that doesn’t bother me, one tip I can give is that you run faster when you aren’t shooting and makes escaping some of those faster zombies easier to deal with. I’ve never done acid, but this was a good trip!

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