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Gladiator Guild Manager Review

Gladiator Guild Manager is a strategy auto battler currently in early access. The goal is to compete in gladiator style battles with a team of henchmen. You start off by recruiting troops and sending them off to battle. There isn’t much in the way of plot, but the game doesn’t really require a story. You fight, rinse and repeat.

Buildings are required to hire certain troops, so you are required to win a few fights before unlocking more powerful units. Once each building is unlocked, you can further upgrade it for bonuses such as additional unit XP.

Your units are upgradeable as well. Will you hire a huge team of novice gladiators, or focus your resources on a select few to make them near unstoppable? Its an interesting formula of min/maxing presented right away. Gear is also obtainable, and can be upgraded as well. On top of this, your units can use consumable items to restore health or give temporary buffs.

Aside from the gladiator ring, there are other ways to earn gold and resources as well. There are locations spread across the map that are infested with creatures ready to be slain and looted.

Once the battle begins, you can place your units anywhere on your half of the field, and since you can’t directly control these units it allows you to influence how the fight will play out. A few duels didn’t go my way, but figuring out which units and which formations would work best was engaging and felt satisfying when the work paid off.

Unfortunately, there is only a few hours of content currently playable. But what is available offers a gameplay loop that feels satisfying and addicting. I’m excited to see what future patches bring to this title, but it already shows promise and offers a fun experience with what already exists in-game.

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