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Word Forward Review

Puzzle games come in so many different make ups, but this one was impressive. Word Forward is a game about clearing the board by creating as many words as you can with what you’re given. Each round starts off with a predetermined grid of letters and 5 modifiers to use as you choose to.

Your modifiers really open up the world of possibilities by a significant margin. You have 2 preset letters that you can choose to switch out with any letter of your choosing on the board. Additionally, you have the option to select any letter on the board and make it what you want. The fourth option available to you is to destroy any single block. Lastly, there is an option to re-roll every single letter on the board. All of these options really give this game its own personality and dynamic.

Each puzzle is a challenge that tests your inner dictionary while at the same time a puzzle to clear the whole board with as little help as possible from your modifiers. Initially, clearing the board may seem simple, but it is more certainly not. The blocks do not move as you clear the board, so you have to be really careful not to leave squares off to themselves or with no connectable options close by. Each letter can only connect to another letter in an adjacent box.

After you manage to clear a board you will be ranked bringing yet another layer of intricacy to the game. Getting that 3 start rating requires you to clear the board and have at least 3 modifiers left unused.

It is worth noting that if word games are difficult for you, this one will really be rough. I love puzzle games and am typically pretty good at them, however I definitely found myself struggling at times here. As I enjoy a challenge, it is a refreshingly welcome feature, but if you’re looking for something relaxing, this may not be what you are after. I feel Word Forward is about pushing your mind and is not provide any leisure relaxing gameplay.

The only area of this game I feel could have used a little more work would have just been in the visuals. Obviously, there is not much in terms of graphics as it is just a word game, However something to dampen the blinding whiteness of the screen would have been very welcome. Maybe if the screen changed color with each puzzle or something like that to add a little flair. The game by no means needs it, but this is just an observation that I would have appreciated.

Beyond the visuals, the audio is okay and serves its purpose, but for me personally was distracting, so I found myself just muting it.

When it all comes down to it, Word Forward is a great game that took a format that has been done several times but did something brand new to give it’s own flair. This title also offers a ton of puzzles to keep you busy for a while. To any fan of puzzles or word games, I feel this should be an addition to your library as you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment for clearing stages and push brain to the next level.

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