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Wartime RTS Men Of War 2 has a trailer for a trailer


A teaser trailer for inbound World War 2 strategy Men Of War 2 has been released that promises a full reveal on September 1st. Hey, it’s actually pretty tense too. Get the advance intel by watching the trailer’s trailer below.

It’s a WW2-era real-time strategy sequel with a campaign that stretches across the Eastern and Western fronts. You’ll have the option of playing as the Allies or the Soviet Union, and there’s skirmish and multiplayer modes. Devs Best Way are touting improved AI and visuals, along with destructible environments. Men Of War 2 is being shown to press at this week’s Gamescom event so we might have more for you on this one soon.

Men Of War 2 doesn’t have a release date targeted just yet, but you’ll be able to find it on Steam as always.

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