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Void Dementia Review

Void Dementia is an 3rd-person action game with Roguelike elements that has you portray Cecil De Rochefork whose family suffered humiliation and deaths at The Enelin Battle and in revenge for her family, assassinated countless competitors of The Enelin Battle. After being tormented by the outcome, instead of being punished by God, she was offered to fight for him for the next 1000 years against Demons who came to invade the world and bring out the end of it.

Different Dimensions

As the story goes, that is roughly what I can gather and think about how the story starts off. This being that one of the issues Void Dementia has is the translation. Where the story is solely relayed by “journals” that you unlock by completing a stage throughout the campaign. When the story does make sense in those journals, it tells a tale of what could be something epic that is hampered down by some rough grammar/translation and its delivering of it in a sense. 

This or That

For the story goes in relation to the mission by mission, it doesn’t relate at all, except to the bosses you encounter as you progress. There are 2 game modes, one being the “endless” roguelike mode where you try to survive waves of enemies to climb up the “tower” aka wave count to set a high score where after surviving each wave will give you a perk/upgrade to choose from and the Campaign mode. 

Tried & Tested

The campaign has that FTL-like mission map at the slightest with it being you can choose which mission type to play in order to progress to the next node. With the choice at most between 3 nodes which follows the next stage you won’t have a choice, and repeat up till the boss fight. Missions types are Annihilate, Slaughter, Tower, Dual, Recollection and Boss fight. 


Combat works with you with 3 weapons to start off, the Katana, Great Sword & Dual Blade. Each has their own combo moves, which are simple and tend to be left and right mouse clicks but with different sequence or timings. 

Carries On

You also have 2 sets of Powers which you can activate with their own respective stance (number 1 or 2) followed by buttons 1 to 4. Weapons and powers can be upgraded with the points you get from completing stages that are persistent for all your campaigns.

Campaigns have the “perma-death” bit to it where you have a number of tries before it is game over and you’ll have to restart from the start.

Silky Smooth

The strengths of Void Dementia is the visuals, animations and gameplay which are by no means perfect. The movements of your character and enemies are fluid and are of high quality that is simply hard to look over. Hitboxes feel as how it should be, with the combat feeling punchy and impactful. The gameplay/combat is similar to games like Devil May Cry but a little less spectacle. 

Final Thoughts

For an action game that is supposed to be challenging, it does its job very well. Not without some minor issues here and there, such as on the technical/optimization side when playing on a 5600x 3070 system. If those issues aren’t enough to put you off, then what awaits is a surprisingly solid and difficult game that will keep you engaged with its gameplay, fluid animations & visuals. 

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