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Two Point Hospital follow-up Two Point Campus is coming in May


After basically remaking Bullfrog sim Theme Hospital with their first game, Two Point Studios are preparing to return with a new comedy management game. Today they announced Two Point Campus will launch on the 17th of May, inviting us to build and run universities. All I need to know is that it seems one of the courses you can run involves cooking giant pizzas the size of a minibus. Is this real? Did I miss megapizza when I dropped out of university?

Two Point Campus is another silly sim about building an institution and trying to keep it running and profitable despite foolishness. This time, it’s a university, with silly rooms and courses. It looks familiar foundations with newness on top and yup, I’m interested.

Two Point Campus is coming May 17th to Steam!

A giant pizza oven in a Two Point Campus screenshot.
Seriously, big pizza! What is this course?

The co-founders of Two Point Studios worked on Theme Hospital back in the day, giving them a decent claim to making a ‘spiritual successor’ to Bullfrog’s game. Nice to see them doing something a touch different now. Sega bought Two Point in 2019.

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