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Trifox Review

Trifox is a top-down 3D action game that launches you into a journey of revenge against those that had the audacity to steal your TV remote. There are platforming elements to it that revolve around moving objects to certain locations, standing on pedestals and traversing across puzzles, enemies and obstacles which then allow you to progress through the levels. Trifox also has a resemblance of many well known game series, such as Ratchet & Clank, Spyro and Crash Bandicoot, so if you’re familiar with those titles, I would say that you’ll be in familiar hands with Trifox.

There are a total of 3 classes, which allow you to fit your playstyle; The Warrior, The Mage and The Engineer. Each class has a total of 10 skills, which are progressively obtained through purchasing them with coins that you amass during your time playing. The welcomed surprise is that while you can have 4 (5 if you include the extra method of travel that’s specific to the class), you can mix the skills that you want amongst the 3 classes and can create a hammer wielding mage or a magical engineer. While the options are indeed limited, it does allow a small room to experiment and be creative with how you want to play.

The Warrior specialises in smashing foes down with his hammer, spinning it to win it and stunning enemies in near proximity. The Mage specialises in ranged combat that involve rapid blasts of lightning or slow moving orbs of destruction, as well as being able to pop down a barrier that shields him from ranged attacks. The Engineer focuses on making use of various machinery as automated damage and has more innovative ways of dealing some damage.

The graphics and sound are respectable and fit the gameplay, there is however, a lack of voice acting or any proper form of blatant storytelling, instead you’ll have to watch a cutscene with the characters making sounds and base everything on what’s happening which might not necessarily be engaging. The controls do take some getting used to at first but aren’t overly complicated. I didn’t experience any bugs or anything out of place while playing, though the combat and skill usage between attacks could be smoother and I personally found some moments unexpectedly difficult. There are a variety of enemies and traps in each level and they do create a diversity that changes up the experience.

Trifox is an example of a game that takes many ideas from other games and successfully creates its own identity. While some games choose to be multifaceted in their skill trees and combat, some games, like Trifox, choose to keep things simple and friendly for the player so that they can spend more time playing and less time reading or left with questions. The puzzles and levels themselves are also quite self-explanatory and I can appreciate the fact that I don’t have to spend lots of time being lost. I recommend this game if you’re looking for something quaint, simple and different to what’s being released today.

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