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Shachibatol President, It’s Time for Battlel Maju Wars Review

Shachibatol President, It’s Time for Battle! Maju Wars is a turn-based Action/Adventure JRPG. The anime art style is well produced and almost a necessity for what this game is. I am usually a big fan of RPG games but usually steer away from JRPG’s. Shachibatol is one exception to my own personal rule of thumb. I found the turn based elements and the need to build up your team to prepare for dungeon exploration or battles that are coming up on your calendar quite engaging and enjoyable.

The title for this game is a mouth full to say the least but the amount of characters in the title alone could almost be an indication of how much there is to do and manage in Shachibatol. There is much to manage including investments, training and recruitment. There are many vital aspects you must prepare and pay attention to, to be successful. One thing to be acutely aware of is that when your team dies, the game is over. I found this out the hard way as many may do starting out. Sometimes it’s better to evade and reach the exit than picking up loot or clearing out the map, otherwise you can actually lose money if you linger too long. Although you may die when you first start diving head first, the game will always allow you to start a new game+, without losing really any progress or unlocked things. I don’t know the necessity of making us start the game over in the start menu other than to just use it as a bookend to that failed attempt. 

While the art in the game is vibrant and very well implemented, the aspect and the angles between the background and character art during the dialog screens is jarring in the dialog screen at first. The lower resolution backgrounds are also kind of jarring, but as heavily saturated as the backgrounds are, it could be distracting if different. 

There are many aspects of the game I wish more games would take advantage of like the [person speaking as well as the character you are controlling during the fights is highlighted while others are shaded, this is simplistic inclusion but is good for not overwhelming the screen with graphics or other visual placeholders.The game aesthetically is cartoon-y and vibrant and fits the theme well and is ultimately attractive to a wider variety of people. 

The game does begin quite hard, but the new game+ allows you to push forward and continue to build and grow even though you may have failed miserably. That alone makes me want to continue playing instead of rage quitting because I lost. This game won’t appeal to everyone but I would indulge anyone who enjoys JRPG’s or turn based games to give Shachibatol President, It’s Time for Battle! Maju Wars a shot. It is difficult, yet forgiving, enjoyable and addicting, gorgeous and strategic, Shachibatol is a welcome inclusion in my Steam library. 

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