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The Last Scape Review

The Last Scape is billed a relaxing flight adventure, it doesn’t appear to be an easily defined type of a game. It might be considered to most people to be a sort of visual novel. The player is a soul that glides around a landscape and flies through circles. After completing some number of circle fly-throughs, various events happen, musical interludes, or the ‘soul’ speaking about some regained memories.

The settings available are fairly basic. For graphics, the resolution, “Lidar Quality” and Cloud Quality can be set. For audio, global, music and voice volumes can be set, and it is a good idea to turn the music down. For PC the mouse sensitivity can be adjusted. The Last Scape supports controllers also, but there really isn’t any need to use anything other than a mouse. There aren’t any instructions, the ‘game’ begins with a voice talking about not remembering anything and after some voiced dialog, the player will be soaring about in mountainous terrain.

Apparently, the terrain in The Last Scape was generated via photogrammetry. From a distance it looks alright, but getting anywhere near the terrain breaks the illusion immediately. Close up, the terrain is extremely pixelated, blocky, and exhibits some odd-looking graphic anomalies, especially at the crests of mountains. Flying with the mouse is very easy, and of course, there is no way to die. Flying up high results in running into barriers and the terrain begins to look more like tiled satellite images that are stitched together. The area that can be flown around in is limited in size, although it’s possible fly up quite high.

As there isn’t much of a game in The Last Scape, it is hard to judge it as such. There isn’t much content or an obvious overall goal to complete. As a visual novel, the story is fairly simple and basic. If flying around terrain and through circles is appealing or the story sounds appealing, then this might be something worth picking up. Most players will probably find The Last Scape to be interesting for about 10 or 15 minutes, then quit and never play it again. The Last Scape is not recommended for anyone other than gamers that are more interested the short story than gameplay.

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