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Tennis Manager 2021 Review

I am coming into this game without a deep appreciation or a full understanding of the sport of tennis. I can volley a ball back and forth on the court, but that’s about it, when I have played I don’t care to keep track of points and play for the sake of having fun. That is the same lens that I used when diving into this game. I have a deep passion for management and simulation games, so I felt comfortable taking a swing at Tennis Manager 2021.

The game visually is presented to you in a more graphically pleasing, menu based design. Your goal is to build, train and grow and manage your team, of course with the goal of beating opposing teams and raking in that sweet sweet tennis money. The tutorials for the game are presented as messages in your inbox and are well designed and use numbers and graphics to distinguish more specifically what the tutorial is referencing, which I certainly appreciate. The more clear the better. There is a side menu that is also color coded with topics that emails contain that makes quick referencing and locating things a breeze.The large majority of decisions are made right there in your emails and the game gives you quick links to help you locate specific players the emails are referencing or other details. The shear depth that this game goes into is one of the most exciting aspects of the game and there are many options to tune and change as the season goes. 

I think graphically this game is appealing from a menu design perspective,but the game is basically just clicking buttons, reading emails, revamping schedules, etc. You could take the entire foundation of this game and make Secretary Simulator 2021 because that’s what it kind of feels like to some degree perusing all the emails. There are aspects of the game that are rewarding and watching the players stats get better and watching the money roll in is of course enjoyable, it just falls flat for me in general because the interaction level is so low, and not tactile beyond the pressing of buttons on the screen. 

I think this game is well done and is very fluid and has a sleek design. There is a large amount of consideration and thought that went into designing and including such a wide variety in all areas of the game and for someone who enjoys tennis in a greater capacity as well as management games, this is right up your alley. 

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