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Squad Review 2022

Squad is a tactical fps military simulator game where you and your squad of up to eight work together in coordination with the rest of your team in order to win a 50 v50 objective based game. Squad is an extremely team oriented FPS with a realistic modern take on the armies of today, you will be fighting it out in all sorts of different battlefields and vehicles

In terms of the level of realism within the game, if you were to say something like Arma is one of the most realistic FPS games out there on the market then I would say that Squad is arguably just a little bit less realistic than that, it still has military uniforms, scopes, weapons, vehicles and maps that all represent its many different playable factions, for example if you’re playing as the US military then you will most likely have a weapon that the US military uses such as the M4 or the M1 Abrams tank, the unrealistic nature of the game comes in the form of things like the bandage which each player will have upon spawning in and can be used to revive a downed ally within a certain time period, obviously a simple bandage is not going to be enough to save you from being mowed down by enemies over and over again.

The game has maps that are inspired by many different places and battles around the world for example you might be fighting in the streets of Fallujah in Iraq or a large open space with a white snowy backdrop like the map Goose Bay, these maps can dramatically change the way your team might try to win the game as well for example on a close quarters map like Fallujah, vehicles will still play a big role but they aren’t as impactful as they are on other maps with long open spaces for them to mow down infantry, speaking of which infantry is probably going to be the main way in which you play Squad, your squad can have up to nine players in it but it does have a limited amount of each loadout for an example each full squad of nine players is allowed to have two medics within it, this means that once that role or any other is full no one else in your squad will be able to use it, there are also many other roles such as anti-tank, machine gunners, and grenadier all of which will play a vital role in your squad’s success however arguably the most important part of your squad is going to be the squad leader, squad leaders are extremely important for a number of different reasons, first and foremost is that you will be expected to give orders to your squad this means if you don’t give your squad orders and communicate what you want them to do then you are likely going to have everyone either leave your squad or simply go off and do their own thing which will make your squad significantly less effective. As squad leader you are also the only one that can set down respawn points for not only your squad but for everyone else to spawn on as well, of course there are those players who choose to specialize in different things such as driving tanks or just flying helicopters. The game also has three different voice channels which play a very important role, you have proximity voice where all nearby allies can hear you, squad voice where all members of your squad no matter their distance can hear you and command voice which is only accessible to the squad leaders, command chat is extremely important as it’s where your team will coordinate its attacks, defenses and plans.

We have played Squad back when it was still in Early Access and it was loads of fun although rough around the edges but the developers recently asked us to jump back in since their recently released 3.0 update and I can say that it has come a long way since early days. Not only is it really polished now, the new update adds the American marine forces as a playable faction, new amphibious gameplay, and a new map called Black Coast. The marines come with a bunch of new and modified weapons loadouts, and the new map showcases amphibious assaults from ships off the coast. There’s just so much things added to this new update that we won’t be able to cover so you can check out the patch notes HERE.

If you haven’t checked out Squad yet, now is the time to jump in as it’s one of the best military simulation FPS out there.

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  1. This looks like a really fun game, I also like fast-paced shooters like cod, but in games like battlefield, I always like to play it as a milsim, trying to survive as long as possible and defending objectives, instead of aggressive run and gun gameplay. I bought this game and will give it a try since bf2042 did not scratch that itch. Great review of the game.

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