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Mango Review

Artistic expression can be a very beautiful, interesting or in Mango’s case, very… very odd. The game is actually pretty fun but player beware that you’re going to feel like you are on a whacked out trip through some particularly unique imagery.

Imagery in Mango is not particularly great or impressive, but the style serves its purpose well in creating a trippy experience, which was the intention of the game. From wall to wall and from door to door the art is everywhere. Sometimes arts you will see are beautiful photos and sometimes it just looks like something abstract, but interesting nonetheless. Mango is an experience that you pretty much have to just have for yourself.

During your time in Mango, you will be interacting with a large amount of items that have text tied to them, so at time you get a sense of story and life, but it is very hard to follow at times. Expression is a very complex thing sometimes when it is present in the abstract, which really seems to be the case here. However, there is still something here you to get out of the game and enjoy.

At its heart, this title seems more like a walking sim crossbreed with riddle/puzzle game. You will encounter some puzzles here that will really make you scratch your head at time and wonder just how in the world you’re supposed to advance, which promptly leave you feeling really dumb once you see the solution; this was my experience at least. Mango even also has a few secrets to unveil for those who pry deeply.

Mango will definitely be one of the most artistically driven games I have ever really played and probably ever will. Even with the amount of oddity here, the game is very charming and something I actually could suggest to people. While this type of thing is not going to be for everybody, it would still be worth the total “wtf” type experience that you will get. The mind is a very interesting thing and we get a real deep trip through one with this adventure.

Considering how much I struggle to put my finger on just who this game is for in terms of audience, this one would have to be one that I suggest as a buy it on sale kind of game. The price-point is not high at all, but with Mango’s odd nature, I know it would be off-putting to many gamers. It is still worth the experience, but buyer beware what you’re getting into.

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