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Sea of Craft Early Access Review

Sea of Craft is a crafting, roguelike, exploration game with a heavy emphasis on building in a nice pirate theme, you’re going to be going through the sea and many different other environments.

You start in the shipyard, equipped only with a raft. Then you add more parts to the ship, which may also have physics or control influences. You can add a ship’s propeller and then assign a button to it individually. That’s pretty cool, because that way you can give each control element an individual control option. This also allows you to create sandbox-like ships that can, for example, submerge on a self-defined button like a submarine. Unfortunately, only one weapon can be selected at a time for weapon control. I would have liked to be able to assign an individual button to each weapon as well. This game is a Lego player’s dream, it is a lot of trial and error and the possibilities that definitely seem endless, from making very basic ships to dinosaur ships that move around on wheels.

There’s a couple of modes in this game, first of all there is a campaign mode but it’s more like a long tutorial than a campaign with a story. The game concept is great and feels incredibly great even at this early stage. The controls and physics are absolutely unique, you can feel the waves and you become one with the sea. The gameplay is everything I hoped it would be. The content is currently still a bit meager, but I think the depth of the game will be added during this Early Access. It is already a lot of fun to go into battle with the existing gameplay, the individual ship and a freely adapted control. The sandbox player is certainly the main focus. At this point, I’m exclusively playing the “Open Sea” mode. I haven’t tried the multiplayer mode yet. The “Open Sea” mode already works amazingly well and is also the mode I would recommend anyone curious to try.

What I noticed negatively is that during a battle, the battlefield is artificially fixed to a square area that you can’t leave. I assume that this is a temporary solution to allow for meaningful multiplayer battles, for example. I would like to see a more pleasant solution here at a later date.

I can say that I have great confidence in this game concept, and I hope that the developers continue to diligently release frequent updates and stick it which also proves in the early stages what incredible potential this game concept offers with the prototype already implemented, even if it still seems a bit unpolished here and there.

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