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Risk Of Rain 2’s Survivors Of The Void DLC will launch on March 1st


The railgun is the best weapon in the Quake series, and so I am excited that it’s coming to Risk Of Rain 2. The class-based looter-shooter is getting its first paid DLC, Survivors Of The Void, which adds two new classes – including the Railgunner. You can watch a trailer for the expansion below in preparation of its release on March 1st.

The Railgunner is essentially a sniper, with a first-person scope she can aim down to deal massive damage to a single enemy at range. Her main weapon highlights weak points on enemies, letting you know whether you should go for a headshot or be aiming for some other bit of the strange monsters the game throws at you. It also means that she doesn’t have a random chance to critical hits; instead, critical strikes are guaranteed if you hit the weak spot.

As explained in a Steam post, in between sniper shots the railgun can rapid fire smart rounds that home in on enemies. It’s weaker than when you’re sniping, but good for thinning out the swarms. Risk Of Rain 2 has a lot of swarms. The Railgunner also carries a concussion grenade you can use to propel yourself into the air (conc jumping!), and an overload mode that lets you one-shot bosses with the railgun.

The Survivors Of The Void DLC also introduces new areas to explore, new monsters from “The Void” to fight, and 13 Void Items which permanently corrupt one of the game’s existing items to make it to do something different.

Risk Of Rain 2 is at its best when you’re playing it with pals, and the DLC is designed to disrupt that as little possible. If you own the DLC and the folks you’re playing with don’t, the new monsters, levels and items will still appear in-game for everyone. Your friends won’t be able to play as the two new survivors or permanently unlock the new content unless they buy it too, though.

You can see more of the Railgunner in action in the latest ‘Dev Thoughts’ video from Hopoo Games. Survivors Of The Void will launch on March 1st and will be available from Steam.

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