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Competitive murder mystery CrimeSight is out now


Social deduction games are all the rage, but CrimeSight brings a lot of absurd, scifi anime energy to the idea. It’s a player-vs-player murder mystery in which a murder is going to take place and players must uncover who-will-dunnit, unto-whom-it-dunn, and work either to prevent the crime or to make sure it takes place. It’s out now and there’s a launch trailer below.

Does a game need a scifi plot to explain its contrivances? No, but I appreciate that CrimeSight has one. In London, 2075, a system called Foresight AI is able to predict crime before it happens, leading to a 90% drop in crime rates worldwide. When the system predicts an “unavoidable incident”, the makers of Foresight produce a new AI designed to stop crime, which they dub “Sherlock”. Sherlock, in turn, uncovers an evil AI… called Moriarity.

Right then. In any given match, there’s a murderer and a target. A player on Moriarity’s side must fulfill objectives to complete the crime, while players on the other side work to prevent it from happening. The villain and target are not initially known, but will be revealed as players take turn-based actions around big mansion it all takes place within.

Is it Among Us meets Cluedo? Is it Mafia meets XCOM? Is it Ace Attorney meets… Cluedo, again, really? I don’t know, but I like the idea and its style. Its creation being led by 428: Shibuya Scramble director Jiro Ishii is promising, too.

CrimeSight is out now on Steam

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