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Mistake Review

Mistake is a top down shooter game set in an apocalyptic world wherein creatures have grown in sizes. The game is done in a three-dimensional with low-polygonal models, which I personally found charming often times.

Unfortunately the gameplay is too short. I was surprised to know that there were I think only 4 or 5 levels. The story for the game was quite forgettable, in fact I just skipped most of the dialogues and went to the actual gameplay right away.

The objective for this game is to survive while large creatures try to hunt you until the timer runs out. Initially I was wondering why they made the creatures in random sizes. For example, a wasp is way larger than a tiger, sometimes a bigger tiger appears and the next creature that is supposed to be huge is smaller in comparison. I find this inconsistency bothering at first. Then I just thought that maybe these creatures underwent some sort of radiation or evolution that made them that way. This huge creatures also adds up to the pressure of being hunted, in a way, so I think it is a good thing in the end.

There are power-ups scattered throughout the stage to increase your firepower. These buffs can increase your damage or increase your rate of fire. In addition, health/foods can also be found around the stages just incase you find your self wounded. You can also get a new weapon by progressing through these stages, though I find them lacking in uniqueness. Every weapon feels similar and the only difference I can point out are the color of the particles they shoot out and their sound effect. And lastly, other than killing creatures, you can also increase your score by locating crystals that are placed all over the stage. This gives a sense of exploring the area instead of just camping a spot and wait for the timer to run out.

For its price value, I still recommend it in some sort of way. The gameplay was overall fun and I don’t think I’ll regret buying this game, especially if its bought on top of a sale discount.

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