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Rail of Möbius Review

A graduation trip on board the special train called, “Time Traveler”, that travels underwater through the beautiful ocean befitting the special occasion. The trip was organised by the heir of Caecius Corporation, Luna who is also a student of the graduating class. However, the trip turns fishy when Ren (you) starts to develop visions of being caught in the net of death before it happens, or has it already happened?

Rail of Möbius is a visual novel in the purest of sense that has you play Ren, a graduating student who tries to figure out the reason for these visions you suffer midway through the trip. As you begin to uncover the possible reasons for it, more questions start to pop. The more times you will experience that painful death but for how long and at what cost?

On the Right Track

As a visual novel Rail of Möbius does a fine or should I say an excellent job at storytelling. The cast of characters with just the right amount of introduction and character building to make you care, understand and empathise for them and also at the right amount where it leaves some characters some air of mysteriousness to them.

With a varying degree of proper air time for the characters for you to understand what makes them tick, and why they are the way they are. There’s little to no time wasted at building an unnecessary story beat, scene or history to waste the player’s time with. 

With some minor translating errors here and there but nothing that confuses the player, the story can be rightly said as a well written story. One that has comedic moments, romance, thrilling and suspenseful moments with some science fiction added into the mix to keep it entertaining and at times keep you at the edge of your seat. 


The art in Rail of Möbius is as well done as the other aspects mentioned earlier with the character’s expression well visible and fitting with story moments. 

The player has some form of degree for choice in the game in terms of choosing dialogue and action choices once in a while. But that is about the level of influence the player can make in the game/story.

Final Thoughts

Rail of Möbius is indeed an apt example of taking the main aspects of a visual novel that fans expect and excelling at them to provide fans of the genre a good amount of story to cover, get lost in and be entertained by, with the story being the main highlight that is worth your time.

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