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Niinamigota Review

Niinamigota is a decent RPG maker game made in RPG Maker 2003. In this game you go on an adventure on an island, engaging in quests, meeting various other islanders and falling in love. Gameplaywise it was rather ok playing as Island Guy and progressing through the story by yourself and with other characters. Though at times it can feel a little bit slow in terms of the movement as well as going through the dialogue, which itself was average. I haven’t encountered any combat but have had to conduct other matters such as manoeuvring around certain monsters and traps which I found fairly fun. The multiple difficulty settings do also add extra variability in the game with there being timed actions to be undertaken.

The visual style from the RPG maker is rather to my liking as I do like the old school look with the cute and tiny characters. There are also a lot of locations to explore with some appealing decorations. Soundtrack throughout was fairly soothing and enjoyable with relaxing instruments that were playing like pianos and chimes.

Controls aren’t complicated as it is pretty much just arrow keys for movement and space bar for interactions. Though at times I did seem to encounter some sort of bug where the up-arrow button wasn’t working so the character kept moving upwards and in the settings you can only go down. This occasionally impacted the playing experience.

There was a recent big price jump from $2 to about $20, meaning it went up 10 times as much. I don’t see myself spending $20 on this game but I could for $2. All in all, it is an ok game for something made by one person, but I wouldn’t recommend it for $20 as I can find other games that interests me for that amount. If it were a portion cheaper then sure, it may be worth checking out for some old school looking adventure RPG.


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