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Gas Station Simulator Review

Gas Station Simulator is exactly what the name indicates. You are running, repairing, stocking, cleaning, painting and more, as you build up your career as a gas station owner. The game is a breath of fresh air in a world where simulator games are in a surplus, but quality isn’t quite as plentiful. In this game you slowly uncover resources to help your business grow and new things and services to offer customers. I have played for a little while and I feel like I have barely scratched the surface.

One of the greater tasks of making a good simulator game is making the game exciting or fun. The greatest barrier to achieving that is that you make tedious actions fun, relaxing, or that the game rewards you well for the work you have done. Gas Station Simulator does those things in many ways. The motivation to capitalize on every transaction hits the right receptors in the brain. You are constantly balancing and keeping track of many different things at once. At times this can be overwhelming and maintaining the happiness of your customers is vital to success but the minigames built into tasks are rather fun. The gauge for filling gas and the checking out of customers inside the gas station are simple yet effective designs. 

In terms of graphics, it’s not top tier level but it is appealing and consistent with other games in the same genre. There was a good standard selection of settings in the menu, and I was able to get around 100 fps with epic settings on everything with my 3070. The game defaults to 60 but you can select up to 240 fps. The game features autosave which I certainly appreciate in any game. The game also allows you to turn off some events in the settings which I think is a thoughtful inclusion. 

The game is not without fault and does have some bugs. Some things I have encountered are spots that I am unable to clean, parts that I have painted, missing the paint after loading my save, the conveyor belt making items disappear and resulting in an unsatisfied customer, not being able to pick up some garbage. The only one that’s really detrimental is the customer. But overall, none of these really have ruined my experience and I expect these things to be addressed and ironed out eventually. 

I really enjoy good simulator games that are based on actual jobs. This game is right up there in a sense of quality and gameplay as Cooking Simulator, House Flipper, Farming Simulator, and others. There is so much charm and character to the game that it’s almost impossible not to want to keep playing and racking up all the cash to rebuild your dilapidated new business. Just make sure to scare that little graffiti punk Dennis or kill him in the settings.

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