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Marauders Early Access Review

Marauders is a Tactical Extraction First Person Looter Shooter set in an alternate diesel punk world in the 1990s where the Great War never ended. 

A war that pits 3 factions against one another that forces mankind to the darkness of space. You and others like you known as Marauders are space mercenaries, loyal to no one but yourself as you fight the 3 factions and other Marauders for loot and scrap in order to survive.

Works Both Way

At the start players will start out with a number of gear, weapons, ammo, bandages, sack bags amongst others. From there the player is free to decide what gear to equip and bring to on their next run, known as Raid. Once in a raid you start in your own Rustbucket (spaceship essentially). If you’re playing solo you will pilot and control your ship’s weapon/s. If you’re playing in a group, a designated Captain (with a Captain keycard) will pilot the ship and other players can control the turrets/weapons on the ship. 

Picking Your Engagements

You will then either make your way to the space station (entering the Orange section of the ship) or Raid area to start looting and shooting or you can breach AI ships (depending on the maps) or breach other player’s Rustbuckets or engage in dogfights with them. Dying even before reaching the raid ship is very much possible. To breach a ship you’ll need to use your escape pod that is located near the engine bay. If your ship is in need of repairs due to damage, you’ll need to retrieve and use the fire extinguishers that are located in your ship.

There’s Always Some Obstacles

Once you’ve survived navigating to the Raid ship, this is where you can increase your riches and body count. Looting is essential to making progress and finding and buying better gear. However, surviving is the next step as there are other players and a variety of AI enemies around to prevent that from happening. The AI enemies all behave differently and carry different loot depending on their type (Miner, Commando, SAS etc.).

Just Admin Stuff

After the raid players are able to sell their loot, keep them, scrap them, craft new gears and turn in daily contracts they may have completed. Crafting items require to be unlocked with skill points that are gained from leveling up. Merchants will change every few minutes so it’s a good way to buy stuff that you are lacking through them. Players can also unlock more appearance skins by purchasing them, view weapons, ships and manage them.

Make Your Own Goals

As with games like Marauders, each player’s goal may not be the same, some go in looking for kills to increase their level, some go in to make an economical run, some go in to increase their stash, some go in to complete a contract, but the end goal for each raid is the same, to survive or you’ll lose everything on you permanently.

Good Loot

The world, setting and environment of Marauders is well crafted and unique as there aren’t many games with similar setting and tone. From the ships, to the gears, the mood and the world fits well in the universe the developers have built and nothing seems out of place. Gunplay is solid and impactful, weapons feel as how they should be and matches their era. Sound audio is of good quality, and matches their location and distance rather well as proper audio is essential in games like these. 

Final Thoughts

With the pool for extraction shooters being so small with only one clear winner, Marauders makes a great case for itself with its high quality, tight gameplay that is more accessible to casual players compared to other competitive shooters but yet still is challenging if you aim for it. If you are a casual player just remember, “aim small, miss small” and you’ll have a great and exhilarating time in the universe of Marauders.

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