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Lost in Play Review

Lost in Play is a charming and feel-good Point and Click Puzzler that follows the adventures of a brother and sister as they find themselves in a dreamscape after entering it unknowingly when they were too engrossed during their playtime.

As Magical as Childhood

Right from the bat, Lost in Play pulls you in with its high quality cartoon-ish artstyle and feel. The world in Lost in Play is so colourful and vibrant that it welcomes you in to meet and befriend all the magical creatures, be it whether they are friendly or not so friendly.

The world and characters that you’ll see and meet are very well designed and unique. It truly resembles and reminds you of times when you’re lost in your imagination from days when you’re a kid.

It’s The Journey

In terms or story, after getting carried away with playing, you’ll guide Toto and Gal (the Brother and sister) through their adventures to make their way back home before the “portal” they went through by accident closes before sun down. Fret not as along their journey they will meet and help magical creatures who will assist them one way or another. That’s not saying it’ll be a walk in the park for them as some creatures will be in their way as obstacles in their journey (except for the Big Cat, he’s just vibing at the “end”).


Being a child-friendly game, Lost in Play exemplifies it well as being easy to understand regardless of what language you speak and such by doing away with any written text or spoken word throughout the game. This may seem tricky or risky but pays off by having a well thought out visual language and clues displayed that you’ll know what you have to do next or how to solve the puzzles.

Small Pieces That Make the Whole

As a puzzle game, Lost in Play has a number of it and where its main strengths lay. Almost every puzzle you have to solve has a mini-game tied to it and every mini-game you’ll encounter is a fresh new one and not recycled. The sheer amount of work that goes into them should be praised as every mini-game brings in new ideas and lessons that after solving them, no matter how simple they may (which not all are simple) be, that after solving them you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and never feel like it’s wasting your time. The mini-games also helps to keep things fresh and helps to break down the main puzzle in the area into enjoyable bite sizes.

Final Thoughts

For the experience and joy Lost in Play gives the player, it is certainly a stand out for the Point & Click Puzzle game this year which has always been blessed. The quality, polish and heart that Happy Juice Games has embedded in Lost in Play should make them proud and for one should be applauded for establishing such standards and experience.

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