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Kiwi Clicker-Juiced Up Review: This Bird is the Word.

Kiwi Clicker is a simplistic looking idle/clicker game that actually has quite a bit of depth to it once you spend a little time with its mechanics.

Like any Idle/Clicker game, it starts out small.

As the Idle/Clicker genre has exploded in the past decade, the gaming space has become almost overloaded with half-baked ideas and quick cash grabs, due to the general ease of cranking these games out. On the surface, I was worried that this was exactly what I was looking at. With its generally mediocre graphics (which admittedly are kind of a genre staple – these games rarely emphasize graphics to any extent) and over-reliance on kiwi-related puns, I figured this one might entertain me for a few minutes, and then I’d be regretting my life choices.

Every dot is an upgrade, giving you plenty of reasons to keep up the grind.

Instead, after grinding for probably somewhere around 30 minutes to unlock the meat of the game, I was greeted with a whole tree of boosts and buffs for players who choose to “transcend” – the game’s term for a soft reset, where you’re giving up all the fruits of your progress for a long-term buff. Moreover, this unlocks the job system – a cleverly designed set of specializations for your playstyle. Everything is clearly spelled out, with the game showing you “If you like to actively play, pick this. If you prefer to just check up every now and again, pick this.” It’s a quality of life aspect that REALLY shows the dev values your time as a player, and with a wide variety of perks for transcendance (this sort of loop is the hook for this whole genre), there’s plenty of reasons to keep coming back. Even if the developer was to stop making new content for the game after this point, it would already be a fully-featured game that could keep fans of the genre entertained for quite some time, particularly if they’re completitionists.

The profession aspect-and the clarity given with it- is another huge plus for Kiwi Clicker

The developer clearly understands what makes the genre unique, and what its fans want. This isn’t a cynical cash grab. This is a shining example of a developer understanding his audience. I cannot say enough good things about this game. If you’re a veteran to the genre, you’re going to find a lot to love here. If you’re someone looking to dip your toes in the “make numbers get bigger” scene, this would be among the first games I would point you toward, particularly with its highly affordable price tag.

The numbers will always go up. It’s addictive.

CLICK HERE to purchase Kiwi Clicker-Juiced Up on Steam.

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