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Home Designer – Makeover Blast Review

I’m not sure why, but I didn’t have high hopes for Home Designer Makeover Blast. Boy was I wrong. There are two components to this puzzle game. The first is your standard casual match three… where you click tiles with two or more adjacent colors and they disappear. The second part is a room refurnishing mini-game. You get money to buy new furniture, art, and the like by winning puzzle matches.

Although it can feel like a mobile game at times, Home Designer fits right in on PC. It does have some remnants of a free to play model, like a wheel you can spin every thirty minutes for bonuses. These don’t hinder the experience at all however, and end up being additional ways to further enjoy the game.

The room design is actually pretty good. You go down the list and add or replace every component to each room. By the time I was finished with my first room, I was convinced I had chosen the wrong career path and truly belong in home decor. Err okay maybe not, but I had a lot more fun playing around with this than I had expected. The urge to get one more upgrade kept me playing until hours had gone by. This is the hallmark of an “its just fun” puzzle game.

Don’t take the screenshots or low price point at face value, because they don’t do the game justice. My complains are very minor, and an example would be nit-picking sound effects or the like. I really don’t have anything bad to say about this title. If you’re looking for a casual match three game that will evaporate your free time, pick this one up. You may not get more than ten hours out of it, but for a few dollars I couldn’t ask for much more. It was a truly enjoyable time waster, and I’m sure I’ll keep it installed until I unlock every last upgrade available.

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