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Hero of the Kingdom: The Lost Tales 2 Review

Hero of the Kingdom: The Lost Tales 2 is a casual puzzle game. There are several games prior to this one in the series, and I can describe all of them as a warm safety blanket awaiting in my Steam library when I indecisively can’t choose a game to play. It doesn’t require too much thought, but to me that is the allure of this game.

The story begins with a simple plot that sets you out on an adventure, however the plot is secondary to the game’s cathartic resource management and puzzle solving. I never had to stress over making bad choices or worry about time limits. Hero of the Kingdom lays out very small and easily achievable goals that feel good to cross off the to-do list.

If you’ve played any of the previous entries, this title doesn’t bring anything new to the table. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. More is good, and having another chore list I can lazily wade through feels oddly satisfying and leaves a constant sense of accomplishment as I tuck these tasks under my belt. Gone are the worries of open world story arcs and branching quest paths… this is a game to play in between games while you finish your cup of coffee.

If you’re new to the series, don’t let the pixel art fool you. I initially thought this would be a light RPG as the graphics and music are reminiscent of old CRPGs from my childhood. At its core this is a casual puzzle game best used to kill time and forget the stresses of life that might await us once we exit to the desktop.

I definitely recommend this title to the audience that knows what its getting into, and unless Lonely Troops drastically changes their formula I will eagerly jump into any future sequels as well.

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