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Here’s what the most expensive Steam Deck case looks like

Valve’s handheld gaming console the Steam Deck is almost here, and the team has already begun showing off the various carry cases and boxes the gaming PC will come with. Now it’s the turn of the Steam Deck 512GB model – the most expensive version – and the exclusive case customers will be getting for their money.

Despite the release date of the Steam Deck being delayed by two months to February 2022 – and that’s just for pre-order customers, let alone anyone trying to buy one now – Valve has already begun sharing looks at the console’s packaging. This includes a box featuring a few Portal Easter eggs and the neat carry case it comes with.

Now it’s the turn of the most expensive edition of the Steam Deck, the 512GB model – which, as the website notes, features an “exclusive carry case” – which at first glance is similar to the ones that come with the other models. As Valve notes on the reveal page, all Steam Deck cases “are functionally identical” – but the 512GB model features “cosmetic differences”.

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