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New World MMO interview: “we’ve made mistakes by moving too fast”

New World’s release was just over two months ago. It set an absurdly high concurrent player count in the process, with a peak of 913,000. However, the game’s first weeks haven’t been smooth sailing. Post-launch patches fixed some issues, but introduced several bugs and exploits to the game, requiring rapid intervention and downtime – and in some cases, emergency solutions like disabling trade and rolling back servers.

There has been a sharp decline in the game’s active playerbase since launch, but as Amazon Games contend with these unforeseen issues and player feedback, the team is also focused on adding new content and expanding the MMO’s world. The first major post-launch update, Into The Void, landed halfway through November, and there’s plenty more planned for the coming months, including a New World winter festival.

Following the Into The Void update, we spoke to New World game director Scot Lane to find out more about the team’s post-launch priorities, weathering the storm of bugs and exploits, and how Aeternum may change as New World establishes itself as one of the top MMOs around.

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