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FixFox Review

FixFox is a sci-fi puzzle adventure game developed by Rendlike and published by Joystick Ventures. You play as this character named Vic and he is some kind of an evolution of a human and you know that by following the beginning of the story that humans and animals mix their genes together and you end up getting a hybrid creature and we happen to be playing a hybrid fox human creature that likes fixing stuff or is really bad at fixing stuff and wants to be good at it.

The game starts off with showing you some minor tutorial stuff, you’re flying around and you learn about the story and then you get into your home and the game guides you on some basic controls and game elements to teach you on how the game works. Keep in mind that the whole purpose of this game is it’s a story driven puzzle adventure game and any of the fixing that you might have to do is the puzzle themselves they’re not that difficult to be honest though still provide a certain level of fun for puzzle veterans.

The game’s overall presentation is very cutesy, the pixel art is charming with vibrant colors and the soundtrack is relaxing which suits the game itself. There’s a lot of interesting little characters in there like Tin who’s your toolbox and these little hidden AIs that wind up jumping ship with you when you go and you take off. There is no combat in the game, though there’s a little bit of a interesting dynamic where you can only repair x number of items before these guys come in who are called The Order who steals your items so part of the whole puzzle process is to get the items that are needed to repair things while avoiding bad NPCs who take away your items.

Your main objective in this game is just to explore and visit characters, sit down eat them and talk to find out new secret locations and go on missions to fix even more things hence the name FixFox. During my 2 hour playthrough, I did encounter a couple of bugs which I believe will be patched in the upcoming updates. Overall, it got me curious enough to at least play on the side to finish the story as the game is pretty linear. I do recommend this for fans of puzzle adventure games especially ones who enjoy cute pixel art.

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