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Create your own holes in MiniGolf Maker


I feel like the recent past has contained several radical takes on the sport of golf, from the barren infinity of Desert Golfing, the mad libs of What The Golf? and the post-apocalyptic storytelling of Golf Club Wasteland

By comparison, MiniGolf Maker is traditional – and yet its simplicity is extremely appealing. It’s a mini golf game with a robust editor for making your own courses.

Here’s a video, which really focuses on the course creator:

I’ve played mini golf maybe twice in my entire life, and real golf zero times, but I spent a weird amount of time as a teenager playing mini and actual-sized golf games. MiniGolf Maker looks cute and fun on its own merits, but it’s also triggering some nostalgia response in my brain.

Its Steam page claims it contains “one of the most ambitious level editors to ever be created for a miniature golf game,” and the video seems to back it up. There are 8 environments to build your course within, including Halloween, pirate, dreamscape and Polyworld, and an events system for creating dynamic courses. You can also mod the game, if you want to customise it further.

If you’re just interested in playing, not designing, then you can do so with up to 8-player co-op locally or online. It’s also not entirely straight-edge in its depiction of golf, as there are powerups to let you disrupt your opponents with bombs and black holes.

Those looking to tee off can pick up MiniGolf Maker from Steam

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