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There’s now a handy way to see which games are releasing on Steam each week


Games. So many, many games. Each and every week the game pile grows higher, forming the walls of a virtually impenetrable digital structure known only as the ‘backlog’. As the games multiply, thickening the increasingly cell-like walls of our den of entertainment, we can only gaze on and hope it doesn’t one day become our tomb. On that light note, it’s nice to see that SteamDB now has a section showing what games are coming out on Steam every week.

SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik revealed the new weekly release navigator on Twitter. To get to the navigator, you can click on Upcoming in SteamDB’s top menu, then select Calendar. That takes you to a monthly breakdown of upcoming releases, where you can select a week by clicking on the numbers on the left-hand side. Just glancing at this week reminds me that Lego Bricktales is out today, Triangle Strategy’s released tomorrow, and Scorn arrives on Friday. I hadn’t forgotten that those were out soon, honest.

While a weekly release calendar for Steam isn’t the most essential thing in the world, it’s handy to have around as a tool. One to bookmark, I reckon. Steam’s own upcoming releases section isn’t quite as easy to process straight away. Rather than seeing an intimidatingly crowded wall of future games waiting to pop onto PC, scrolling through SteamDB’s navigator is compact, clear, and actually reminds me of how much interesting stuff is yet to appear this year.

You can have a gander at this week’s SteamDB release calendar here. So. Many. Games

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