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Hardspace: Shipbreaker launches out of early access and onto Game Pass in May


The excellent ship-dissecting salvage game Hardspace: Shipbreaker will hit version 1.0 and launch out of early access on the 24th of May, the makers announced today. It has been a cracking game even in early access, a satisfying first-person simulation of carefully cutting up junk spaceships with industrial lasers for maximum profit and minimum workplace injury.

The big content blast of the version 1.0 update will be the third and final act of the story campaign. It’ll tweak plenty more too, mind. Other changes coming including the option to save mid-salvage and return later, improved performance and stability, tweaks to progression, the economy, and upgrades, and Steam doodads like cheevos and trading cards and emoticons. Slightly less welcome will be one final progress reset.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker will launch in full on Steam on May 24th.

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