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Careful Planning & Execution – Ready or Not

Initially announced in 2016 by no fewer than 3 developers hailing from New Zealand, VOID Interactive began their workings on Ready or Not for 5 years. While growing slightly in size but still ever so modest, before they brought Ready or Not onto Steam Early Access to occupy a gap that fans of the genre have been waiting for since SWAT 4.

Even with the most recent success in the genre such as Rainbow Six Siege, die-hard fans of tactical shooter still were yearning for a proper successor to the cult favourite SWAT 4. 

With the release of Ready or Not the same fans have been widely accepting and praising Ready or Not with some 15,000 positive reviews within less than 2 weeks since it’s release. Making it so far the Best Selling game during Steam’s Winter Sale even though it is not on sale, topping off big name games such as Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5

Not everything is smooth sailing though, after a recent confirmation by one of the developers that there will be a “school shooting mission” level, news began to speculate that this was the cause of the split with their publisher Team 17 after less than a year of partnership. 

This was denied by VOID Interactive. They addressed this further by releasing a statement saying they are committed to deliver impactful and high quality content that other developers might be afraid to cover, even if it carries a difficult subject matter. They acknowledge the extreme care needed and the responsibility they will be undertaking at portraying real life tragedies with the utmost respect that does not trivialize the experiences but honours those who have been impacted by such tragedies.

With this much care and concern undertaken by a small team, the level of commitment they have shows on what’s already available in Ready or Not. One cannot imagine whether we will ever be ready for it once this hits full release.

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