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Anno 1800 DLC guide

So, you want to know about Anno 1800 DLC? There’s a surprising amount of it. Publisher Ubisoft has recently announced a fourth season pass, this despite the developers claiming expansion content would stop at the end of the second season.

But hey, this is one of our favourite city-building games so if Ubisoft wants to make more expansions, we’re not going to say no. If only the Anno 1800 Steam version would come back, that would really make our day.

Anno 1800’s expansion content is mainly grouped into yearly season passes, of which there have been three so far (and the fourth on the way). There are also cosmetic-based expansions that released seperately. Each season pass contains three expansions, and you can buy the entire pass or just individual packs as you desire. By the time the fourth season ends at the end of 2022, this means there will be 12 main expansions. This means unless you’re happy just buying the pass and being done with it, you might need some help looking at what’s worth buying and what’s leaving for later.

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