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Fans have uncovered a secret message in Silent Hill: Townfall's announcement trailer


Silent Hill: Townfall’s announcement was decidedly cryptic, but fans have since found various secrets hiding in the trailer. Announced during Konami’s Silent Hill Transmission broadcast last week, Silent Hill: Townfall is being developed by No Code, the studio behind the spooky Observation. The trailer was light on details, with a speech about crime and judgement playing over footage from a Pocket Television, but some eagle-eyed – or perhaps eared – fans have uncovered messages hidden in the audio that might give us a hint of what Townfall is all about.

The biggest discovery comes from Reddit user u/MilkManEx, who converted the trailer’s audio into MP3 and has seemingly unearthed text in the spectrogram reading: “WHATEVER HEART THIS TOWN HAD HAS NOW STOPPED.” Meanwhile, the Silent Hill forum found an SOS signal hidden between the “THY FLESH IS WEAK” images on the CRTV.

Over on Twitter, fans deciphered another morse code message on images posted by Annapurna, the game’s co-publisher. This time the message reads: “I DONT KNOW HOW TO LEAVE.”

By differencing the two distorted SILENT HILL Townfall images posted by Annapurna Interactive and No Code, you will reveal a hidden Morse code message at the bottom right that reads “I don’t know how to leave.”

— SILENT HILL サイレントヒル (@TeamSilentHill) October 22, 2022

Fans are also debating the voice heard at 0.33 in the trailer where the subtitles read “(female voice inaudible over radio)”. Some fans seemingly heard “Wow, is that really Alessa?”, while others heard “Alessa or Heather.” Both characters are prominent in Silent Hill lore, and all of these clues have led to theories that Townfall will delve into Silent Hill’s origins – the town’s fall, if you like. Of course, there could be even more clues hidden in Townfall’s announcement trailer, but that seems like a job for someone with Batman’s detective skills.

Elsewhere in the showcase, Konami revealed the long rumoured remake of 2001’s Silent Hill 2. There’s no word on a release window, but we do know it’s coming from developer Bloober Team – the studio behind The Medium and Blair With video game. Rumours that Bloober Team were reviving the classic have been in circulation for months, most recently in September, where images of the game had leaked online.

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