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amazin’ George 2 Review

amazin’ George 2 is a simple JRPG style exploration game with a basic turn-based combat mode. The theme centers around George the magic wielding cat on quest to find his ‘master’. The graphical style is a mix of ’90s era textures and models, but a few are quite detailed compared to George himself (e.g., giant wasps). There are many connected maze-like zones that George puzzles through. The sound is very basic and includes an arcade style background music loop, which changes with each zone.

The first task a player will have to undertake is figuring out how to move and interact in the world, as no instructions are provided in the game and there isn’t a way to display the controls or remap the controls. There is a manual available on the Steam store page for the game that gives a rundown of the controls. Random pecking of the keys will also ferret out the basic controls; WASD/arrow keys, enter/space bar, QE for rotate, VC for camera zoom, etc. The mouse cursor and mouse tracking could have been used for camera positioning, movement, and world interaction, but the mouse is only used for menu selections. There is no HUD in the exploration mode and it really could use one, especially a mini-map of some kind as it is easy to get disoriented because camera rotation is necessary in some zones.

As far as gameplay, it’s like a Pacman-Bards Tale hybrid. Run George around picking up cat treats (used for currency), open chests containing a variety of possible items, and avoid (or fight) roaming monsters (ghosts, skeletons, giant wasps, cat eating plants, etc.) If George runs into a monster in the Pacman mode, he enters the combat mode. The combat mode is a very basic turn-based system with options for attack, guard, use a consumable item, skills, or escape. The mechanics of using the combat options are unnecessarily tedious; click to select skills, click skill again to open the list, click the slash skill, click the target of the skill to attack it, rinse, repeat. A combat victory is rewarded with some cat treats, and there are vendors that sell wearable and consumable items, that add defense, attack damage, healing, etc. If George is low on MP or HP or both, George can sleep on a bed to get back up to full. George will face tougher and tougher monsters; eventually groups of them. Some of them are quite lethal, so save often, the game doesn’t do it automatically. George can find companions to help and they are required for the tougher fights.

amazin’ George 2 has the makings of a reasonably complete JRPG style exploration game, but is marred by a somewhat clunky interface, that becomes fatiguing due to the repetitive use of clicking menu options. There is no exploration HUD and no tooltips or object identifiers for what can be interacted with. Some configuration options are not obvious, for example “BGM” and “Cursor Position”. There also isn’t a graceful way to exit the game to the desktop, Alt-F4 works. That said, the game does not crash and will run on a potato with a keyboard plugged into it. It has an almost old school arcade feel to it due to the graphical style and sound, but with a few modern ideas implemented. Marginally recommended at a couple of dollars for those that can live with a clunky interface and love the theme, otherwise wait for a big sale or steer clear of this one.

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