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A new Borderlands is “in active development” but new owners Take-Two don't have much to say


Alongside announcing plans to buy Borderlands developers Gearbox from the collapsing wreckage of Embracer Group, Borderlands publishers Take-Two overnight casually mentioned that they are “in active development on next installment in Borderlands series”. This isn’t a formal announcement as much as a businessblast to hype shareholders, so it didn’t have anything specific to say about what Gearbox are up to with their wildly popular and deeply unfunny looter shooter series. It had seemed curious that the much-delayed Borderlands movie was coming out five years after the latest main series game and with no new one in sight.

Cover image for YouTube videoBorderlands (2024) Official Trailer – Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, Jack Black

Ugh do I like Cate Blanchett enough to go see the Borderlands movie? Mmmaybe?

Never forget that the best Borderlands game wasn’t made by Gearbox and isn’t even an FPS. Still, as of February 2024, Take-Two subcompany 2K were saying that Borderlands 3 was their fastest-selling game and that 2019’s Borderlands 3 had sold-in [sold to shops but not necessarily yet sold by shops -handshaking business ed.] over 19 million copies. All we’d really heard of a next game before now was a few hirings and a wee hyping hint from Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford.

“Clearly, we’re working on something,” the Gearboss teased the Ian Games Network back before this, in February. “And I know what we’re working on, and holy shit… It’s the greatest thing we’ve ever done. And I can’t wait, but it’s not time yet. It’s not time yet. There will be a time.”

Ominous words. And they are indeed making good upon that threat. But today’s announcement was a formality for the benefit of businessmen, not for us, so I might not expect to see much of the yet-unnamed game for a while yet. But with the Borderlands movie due in August, that might be a good time to pipe up. I wonder when we’ll hear more about the rest of their stuff, of which there is apparently a fair bit.

“Gearbox currently has six key interactive entertainment projects in various stages of development, including five sequels, two of which are from the Borderlands and Homeworld franchises, and at least one exciting new intellectual property,” Take-Two added in today’s announcement.

Maybe we can guess at some of those others. Take-Two do talk about Borderlands spin-off Tiny Tina’s Wonderland as a separate series, so that could potentially be another of the sequels. Then the only other series they specifically namecheck—and presumably want to highlight as important and relevant—are Risk Of Rain, Brothers In Arms, and… oh no, Duke Nukem. No, no no no. Not again. Wait, I’m only now learning plans for a Duke Nukem movie were announced in 2022 too? Oh no. Please no.

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