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星塔星夜 MONOBEHEVO Review

星塔星夜 MONOBEHEVO is a third person action game with elements of a runner and 90’s arcade style of game where you’re moving as an on-rails shooter in a way. 

With a mix and mash of a number of game types, 星塔星夜 MONOBEHEVO feels unique and also somewhat refreshing with it’s play style. You can’t pick a single genre to identify what the game is about without doing it injustice. 

Stay In Your Lane

The gameplay has your character moving forwards to either fight you way through or dodging enemies along a number of lanes which you can choose to move onto. The character actions that you can do are limited to attack, parry and block. As you kill enemies you’ll collect currency which you can use at rest areas or at the end of a level to play some sort of gacha game that will either upgrade your character or heal her amongst other things.

During the missions, the motion of your control is limited to moving front and back (to a certain extent) and left or right, which are limited to a number of lanes. There’s no free motion for your character as they are tied to the limited spaces. This however isn’t the case when you’re in a safe area, where you have full range of movement throughout the area.

Silky Smooth

The strongest point of the game no doubt being its visuals and art style, with emphasis clearly on the main character who is named Mono. Mono’s movements and animations are all very fluid and well made. The fluidity of the animations can be found on the enemies as well. Sure they don’t look as flash as Mono but there’s some variety of characteristics of the few enemy types.

Even though there’s little enemy types, the few of them are very different from one another. Most enemies you can avoid without much penalty other than not earning as much from each kill. Only a single enemy apart from bosses actively attacks you, being the grape-like enemy that fires projectiles which you can parry back at them or other enemies. 

Your Guess Is As Good As Mine

The weakest points in 星塔星夜 MONOBEHEVO are unquestionably the translations. With that being the case the story is affected even though there’s little of it. I can’t tell you for the life of me what it is about. Other parts affected by that is the instructions on explaining how the game plays. So expect to go through a bit of gameplay in order to understand the nuances of the mechanics.

Final Thoughts

If that doesn’t deter you, and the visuals and fluidity in combat is more important to you then 星塔星夜 MONOBEHEVO is certainly one you should give a go. It manages to capture that on-rails 90s arcade feel with some colourfully neat artstyle to compliment the simple but yet interesting gameplay.

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