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Youtubers Life 2 Review

This sequel is surely a creative and expansive in comparison to the previous game. Unlike the first one, Youtuber’s Life 2 gives you a lot more opportunities mostly because of the open-world approach to it. You start off in a small apartment with nothing much but your own PC, a gaming station and a bed. Later on you can visit different shops to purchase items and upgrades for your house. your computer, consoles, video games, etc. The game features an interactable community where you can step outside and socialize with NPCs and develop and relationship with them.

The game is an improvement simply because of the actual movement system. There are numerous ways to improve your career as a Youtuber, it can be through gaming, commentary, unboxing, interviews, etc. In terms of making money, there are only two ways to do so. One is through the videos that you make for your YouTube channel while the other is through commissions, which is essentially in-game tasks you can do for the NPCs. Regardless of how you earn your money, what’s important is how you will spend it, especially on the early stages of the game.

The process of recording videos is pretty simple. You’ll be given different scenes, and in each scene you can choose an action card that will correspond to a certain meter. These meters represent how funny a video can be, how cool it is, or how enjoyable it is. The results of your choice of cards will determine whether your video will be a success or not. Once you’re done recording, you now have to edit the video. Editing a video is also a simple process. It is simply just connecting puzzles in the most efficient way to increase the score you can get from editing. Over time, through upgrades you will get more options and add-ons for your video which will significantly increase the quality of your output. The game features an energy system that can be annoying to some. Recording and editing videos consumes energy, and at the early stages of the game, you can only produce one per day unless. There are two ways to regain your energy; you can spend your money to regain some of it back, just call it a day and head to bed. This is the slowing factor in the game, it prevents you from just pumping out videos multiple times a day and just rake in the revenues.

But the game does a good job of giving you a sense of looking forward for the next day. Each day, you are given a list of trending hashtags that you can take utilize to make your videos go viral or use them when taking pictures around the city.

The game do have some flaws ofcourse and I’m hoping that some of them do get addressed in the future one way or another. The game a has pretty decently sized map but theres just way too many load times. The load times aren’t slow, but when your moving from places to places, it adds up. I’m definitely not a fan of the energy system and how it hinders you from doing other tasks on a day and are forced to call it a day.

Overall, I still do recommend this game. I had quite a lot of fun creating videos, seeing my subscriber count go up and try to succeed in having a Youtube channel.

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