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Vermintide 2’s next career DLC is out now: meet Warrior Priest of Sigmar Saltzpyre

Victor Saltzpyre, co-op game Vermintide 2’s imperious witch hunter, is the next member of the Ubersreik Five to get a new career. The latest Vermintide 2 DLC is out now, and adds the Warrior Priest career for Saltzpyre, replacing his trademark brace of pistols with a lot of big-ass hammers.

“Warrior priests have been a central part of Warhammer for a very long time, and who would do it better than our own Sigmarite, Victor Saltzpyre,” developer Fatshark says. “The Warrior Priest of Sigmar is probably the most requested career there is, and for good reason.”

As with Markus Kruber’s Grail Knight career and Bardin Goreksson’s Slayer career, Saltzpyre’s new Sigmarite warrior priest role skips ranged combat entirely, trading in his pistols for a mighty silver Skull-Splitter Hammer. And when one hammer isn’t enough, Warrior Priest Saltzpyre can bring two of them. He has other options, of course: he can also carry a shield or a blessed tome in his off hand, or he can opt for the two-handed Reckoner Great Hammer.

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