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United 1944 Review – A Fresh Perspective on WWII Shooters

Introduction: UNITED 1944, developed by Novarama, offers a unique blend of classic WWII FPS gameplay with modern survival and strategy elements. Released on Steam early access in December 2023, this game attempts to carve out its own niche in a crowded genre.

Gameplay and Mechanics: At its core, UNITED 1944 is reminiscent of titles like Medal of Honor and Day of Defeat, but with a twist. The game introduces resource gathering, crafting, and base building into the mix, offering a dynamic gameplay experience. The inclusion of a skill tree with over 40 abilities adds depth, allowing players to tailor their approach to combat and strategy in each match.

The two primary game modes, Domination and Survivor, cater to different playstyles. Domination’s 16v16 urban battles in historically inspired maps like French Countryside and D-Day France, emphasize team-based territorial control. Survivor mode, on the other hand, shifts focus to scavenging and survival in a 24-player free-for-all setting.

Graphics and Environment: Visually, the game impresses with detailed, war-torn environments that bring the historical setting to life. The transition from day to night in-game adds an extra layer of strategy, affecting visibility and player tactics. The attention to detail in the maps, from sniping towers to destructible buildings, enriches the gameplay experience.

Performance and Accessibility: UNITED 1944 shines in terms of performance and accessibility. With well-optimized netcode and decent server coverage in regions like NA, EU, and AS, it’s easy to jump into a match with minimal lag. The game also avoids the pitfalls of microtransactions, offering a fair system where cosmetics are unlocked through weekly missions.

Challenges: However, UNITED 1944 faces its share of challenges. The most pressing issue is the low player count, which impacts the matchmaking experience, particularly in less popular game modes and regions. Additionally, while the gunplay and crafting mechanics are solid, some aspects, like the Survivor mode, feel underdeveloped and could benefit from further refinement.

Potential and Future: The early access roadmap promises exciting additions like new maps and weapons, indicating that the developers are committed to evolving the game. This commitment, coupled with the game’s unique features, gives UNITED 1944 great potential to grow and establish a dedicated player base.

Conclusion: In conclusion, UNITED 1944 offers a refreshing take on the WWII shooter genre. Its combination of classic FPS action with crafting, building, and strategy elements sets it apart. While currently hindered by a low player count and some rough edges, the game has the potential to evolve into a standout title in its category. It’s a game worth trying for fans of the genre, especially those looking for something different from the standard WWII shooter fare.

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