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Total War: Warhammer 3 release date, map, pre-orders, and everything else we know

When is the Total War: Warhammer 3 release date? Creative Assembly finally and officially announced Warhammer 3 in May 2021, and everyone’s very excited. The latest Total War strategy game and the third entry in the popular ‘Total Warhammer’ franchise from Creative Assembly will shift focus to the east of the Warhammer Fantasy world, with a renewed look at the forces of Chaos.

Fan favourite faction Kislev returns from the first game as a fully-fledged launch nation, valiantly trying to defend the realms of man from the forces of Chaos. They are joined by the warriors of Grand Cathay, which is being brought to life for the first time in Warhammer III. The Chaos faction itself has also been fleshed out, with all four iconic ‘flavours’ of Chaos getting the full treatment. Plenty of other details have also been revealed since the original announcement, which we’ve summarised for you below.

This is a living article which we will try and keep up-to-date as new information gets announced. If there’s enough to talk about, we may also decide to spin-out dedicated guides for certain topics, which we’ll link to below so you can access the information.

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