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Total War: Pharaoh has a release date, and a sweeping campaign map flyover video

Warriors fight in an intense battle in Total War: Pharaoh
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Sega

The Creative Assembly and SEGA’s Total War: PHARAOH has a release date, 11th October 2023. There’s also a physical limited edition coming to Europe on 23rd October, for those of you who revel in such things as portraits of faction leaders, packs of cosmetics and posters of the game’s campaign map, which you can also check out in the new campaign flyover video below.

If you are overcome with daydreams of PHARAONIC opulence and just can’t resist, you can preorder the game to participate in an early access play session from 29th September to 2nd October. This features a couple of factions, “prestigious Ramesses and the barbaric Irsu”, and grants you 60 turns of strategic campaign gameplay, with no limit on replay within that period. Preordering also nabs you a couple of cosmetic packs, Avatar of the Gods and Heart of the Shardana.

There are unfortunately no plans to literalize Ancient Egyptian mythology within Total War: PHARAOH, though it sounds like the game’s factions will be quite eccentric enough without you enlisting e.g. an army of golden cobras. Look out for more Total War: PHARAOH news in – actually, I’m tired of writing it in all-caps now. It’s giving me little finger strain! How am I supposed to micro-manage my Hittite legions with a busted little finger, SEGA?

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