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This Is the President Review

Who would’ve knew being president would be so much fun? This Is the President is a story driven management game where you choose your own path, think a mix of Suzerain and This Is The Police.

The story is very well written with many dialogue options and twists to keep you guessing and you are constantly challenged to be thoughtful as they can have a significant impact on the game, my only criticism on the story part is that it progresses a little slower than what I would’ve hoped for so prepare for a long reading session. The art style, animations  and UI design are of top quality but the music could use some improvements. The politics are at once deep enough and vague enough that your president could be from either party and while the characters are sometimes vaguely reminiscent of real politicians and the situations are also somewhat similar to the real world, they are also ethereal enough so that the politicians and situations are also unique to the game which is probably for the best with the way politics are these days. There is a huge cast of characters and content, all championed by fairly simple control and game play with an interesting and often amusing, humorous story. While I do have a small wishlist of things I wish the developers would add, like letting us customize our president more like the choice of ethnicity and gender, more sex scandals and blackmailing, official controller support, maybe even a chance to be non-corrupt?

Overall it is obvious that SuperPAC knew what they were doing. If your looking for a fun political game that is immersive and serious yet light and humorous, we highly recommend this game.

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