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The Steam Deck OLED is out now and ready to ship immediately

Don’t mind me, just pressing my face through the bars of my Black Friday cell to bark a reminder that the Steam Deck OLED is on sale now via the Steam Store. Unlike with the original Steam Deck’s launch, Valve say the much-upgraded OLED version arrives with ample stock, so buyers can hopefully get theirs posted out without delay. The familiar reservation system is “ready to switch on“, though, should demand overwhelm supply.

At least, it will be for the ‘standard’ 512GB and 1TB models. The flashier Steam Deck OLED Special Edition, which launches solely in the US and Canada, has a finite stock. When they’re gone, they’re gone, with no chance to reserve one for the future. So, North American friends who appreciate translucent plastic and extra splashes of orange on their handheld gaming PC, hope you’re quick on the draw.

The Steam Deck OLED Special Edition against a black background.
S’alright. | Image credit: Valve

The classic Steam Deck variants remain on sale at their newly discounted pricing, and it looks like the discontinued 64GB and 512GB models are still in stock, should they flare up anyone’s bargain-hunting instincts. Personally, I’m fully onboard with the Steam Deck OLED, as is former hardware ed Katharine. Even if the new display wasn’t brighter, faster, and more vibrant, its tasty battery life upgrade over the OG Deck makes it far more practical as a portable device. The grippier thumbsticks, quieter fan noise, and faster Wi-Fi 6E connectivity don’t hurt either, and the addition of a 1TB option could save the need to pick up a microSD card as well.

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