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Arma Reforger, Bohemia's bridge towards Arma 4, has left Early Access


Arma Reforger, the latest game in the long-running milsim series, has been in Early Access since May last year. No longer. It’s 1.0 update arrived today, adding helicopters, a totally revised supply system, and as close to fast travel as the relentlessly realistic shooter will allow.

Arma Reforger’s 1.0 release trailer.

Reforger now includes the UH-1H and Mi-8MT, two real choppers, which have been created with functional cockpit instruments and all-new flight model. Bohemia call it “the most realistic” flight of any Arma game to date, and as the developers of Take On Helicopters one suspects they know their stuff.

Supplies were previously represented in Reforger as a simple points system, but they’re now physical objects found within the world that can be transported by vehicle. “Build support structures and fortifications, refuel and repair vehicles, and keep your bases stocked with supplies to strategically expand your foothold on the island.” I’m just nuts about games that feature multiplayer logistics, because I long to be as far from the frontline as possible in any military simulation.

There’s also a new “transport request” system, through which you can travel instantly to the vicinity of your squad leader if you can pinpoint your current coordinates. It’s designed to help teams stay together over long matches, but there are limitations in terms of when and how often you can do it to stop people teleporting all the time.

You can read more about the above, and find the full changelog, at the Arma site.

Reforger is set on the fictional archipelago of Everon, includes a couple of multiplayer modes, as well as a “Game Master” mode where one player can craft encounters for others with a real-time editor. It’s also the first Arma game to run on Bohemia’s new Enfusion engine, with new mod tools and a new distribution platform. In this way, Bohemia explicitly say Reforger is a bridge towards their next major sequel, Arma 4.

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