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The Rat Plague Review

The Rat Plague is a 2D platformer with visual effects (CRT TV filter) that’ll remind you of the 90’s, by GouHong Studio.

You play a Rat whose spaceship crash landed on an unknown planet. However he/she is separated from it during the crash, so you’re left to find clues and make your way to it. 

At the start you have a gun (one that is super loud mind you), the ability to double jump (holding the jump button longer will have you reach higher heights). As you progress, you will have more abilities that will help you to navigate and fight against enemies. 

Bit By Bit

Abilities are introduced at the start of a new level and this brings in newer mechanics for fighting and navigation of the levels. Some early abilities include dealing damage by stomping on enemies and air dash, which helps you reach platforms that are further away. 

It’s All Different

The levels that you navigate through don’t have a similar formula in terms of layout, which makes it somewhat unpredictable. So going exploration is key if you want to collect the “stars” that are scattered around the level. Every level has 3 stars and they act as secrets in a way and also will provide some story and information about the planet you’re on.

Leap of Faith

As the game has a closer view, some areas may not be apparent to the player such as possible dangers. Without the ability to look around with things such as panning the camera lower to see if there’s a platform below or not, doesn’t help. And the game at times has the failings that some platformers have which is to have the player take that leap of faith when moving/jumping across or dropping down without the full knowledge of what awaits them. This tends to end in death. The good thing is that for the most part the checkpoints aren’t placed too far apart.

You’re Different

The enemy variety is decent enough that you won’t feel that you’ve seen an enemy type too many times. Each enemy has their own attack type but most have a similar character in terms as if they see you, they will move towards you. The boss fights, especially the first one came by without any signs of it coming, but are generally interesting and pose more of a challenge.

Graphically the art in The Rat Plague is not the prettiest but it is decent enough that you’re able to tell what is what.

Say What?

Minor issues encountered are clipping into a moving platform, lack of translation for text to what seems to be achievements that pop up once in a while. Some story bits you get don’t fully make sense. Text dialogue either takes so fast or too long to disappear and it can cover almost half of the screen.

Final Thoughts

The Rat Plague in all is a platformer that is alright, it does what it intends to do well enough. The story is decent but doesn’t come frequently, making it forgettable. Most of the parts to it feel rough but serviceable. It does nothing new but is good enough if you’re a fan of platformers.

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