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Temple of Snek Review

If you’re familiar with the classic game of Snake, then you already know some of the core rules of this title. Snek will always move forward, so you’re only responsible for guiding her in the cardinal directions (left, up, right, down). Collisions with the wall or herself will result in Snek dying. Snek starts off at a decent size, but eating food(the grave robbers) in this case, will cause her to grow at the rate of one tile segment per consumed person. The difference between this and the original game is that Temple of Snek is much slower paced so it’s a calmer experience than the traditional game and it adds puzzle elements to the core gameplay, It doesn’t take long for all of this to ramp up and turn puzzles into multi-room affairs where you’ll enter a room to see that it can’t be solved just yet. This then forces you to find another route to locate people to eat, so you can double back to finally hit the switches or cross the gap so you can move forward and solve another puzzle in a similar fashion.

Overall, Temple of Snek is a clever, humorous and a well-designed puzzle game, although it can get quite challenging and frustrating at times, it’s still loads of fun! If you are a fan of the original Snake and you enjoy puzzle games, this is a must buy!

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